About Us


Diversco Management is a full integrated business advisory, fiduciary, and asset management service company offering Receivership, Bankruptcy and Asset Management support services both nationally and internationally.


Our team of professionals strives to provide value - added services in receivership and asset management by constantly pursuing more effective and efficient solutions. In order to attain this goal, the company utilizes its vast experience in residential, multi-unit, commercial, and industrial markets, as well as, business administration, dispute resolution, negotiation, turn-around, and finance and accounting, which allows us to tailor  services and strategies to fit a specific assets' needs.


Diversco's affiliated companies bring extensive experience in the fields of real estate, construction, development, professional service, finance, and management.

Diversco's affiliated companies have designed, developed, constructed, financed, managed, maintained, purchased, and sold assets of both their own holdings and that of clients in the areas of retail, office, industrial, and multifamily. Diversco currently manages many retail, office, multi-family and industrial spaces. They have founded and continue to grow start up business' that consistently gain market share and outperform industry averages. They have designed and managed hundreds of million's of dollars in medical research and surgical facilities, manufacturing plants, specialized service facilities, and office complexes. They have worked for some of the largest private and publicly traded companies in America. They have conducted projects for the State of Michigan and "classified projects" for the United States Government in Alabama, North Carolina, Minnesota, and Michigan. This has ranged from the expansion of the U.S. Army Arsenal in Warren, MI to a 5 story surgical research center for the Veterans Administration in Cary, NC.


In addition to our core staff and affiliated companies, Diversco has established a powerful network of professionals (fellows) across the US and in over 100 countries. Known as the Diversco Global Edge, this exclusive program adds a new dynamic by bringing together visionaries, business leaders, and entrepreneurs to interact a provocative confidential forum that exchanges perspectives, insights, experiences, knowledge, and ideas. This cross-functional process creates an environment where passionate business leaders engage their heads and hearts as they communicate subject matter that causes further exploration and reinvention through harnessing the entrepreneurial spirit.